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    In 2007 I mostly worked with ATCs; they're available for viewing in the "Artist Trading Cards" section. During 2007 I seriously favoured drawing as opposed to painting, as the small size of the ATCs is perfect for detailed drawings whereas miniature paintings are quite painstaking to make. I fell in love with one particular method of creating images: splashing watercolour and/or gouache on paper or cardboard and then drawing on what I saw in the blotches. (It's like cloud-watching but with a tangible result!)

    PS acrylics PS PS

    In 2006 I was still trying to concentrate on my medicine studies, and wasn't very productive in terms of art. Influenced by various Studio Ghibli movies I tried to get into drawing fantastical architectural complexes, but try as I might, the subject didn't stick with me.

    markers markers, PS acrylics, markers lead pencil, PS acrylics, markers markers, PS lead pencil, ink watercolours, PS acrylics, PS lead pencil, PS lead pencil, PS watercolour markers, PS markers, PS markers, coloured pencils

    In 2005 I was at the busiest point of my medicine studying career (which was cut short a few years later by recurring mental illness as well as art). The few drawings that I did produce during this year were mainly drawn during lectures. At least my "me as a doctor" self portraits, done on dissection class breaks gained me some infamy.

    watercolours, lead pencil, black grease pencil markers markers, lead pencil charcoal, pastels markers, lead pencils Markers charcoal markers, PS pastels, acrylics markers markers markers, lead pencil

    In 2004 my intermittent depression came back with a vengeance: it - and I - got worse than ever before. I only managed to make a few meager pictures during the entire year.

    gouache, lead pencil, PS acrylics, markers watercolour watercolours, PS watercolours watercolours, black grease pen, PS charcoal, pastels, acrylics

    In 2003 my depression - first diagnosed in 1999 - started to get worse. The IB final exams also loomed ahead. I was still able to draw and paint, but the resulting images were often dark and melancholic. During this year I worked mainly with watercolours and the computer.

    watercolours ink, black grease pencil watercolours watercolours, pastels lino print ink, black grease pencil PS PS watercolours, lead pencil watercolours, gouache charcoal, pastels, ink watercolours watercolours, markers, pastels acrylics, lead pencil watercolour, lead pencil charcoal, white pastel

    In 2002 I experimented with lots of techniques. However, my subject matter always tended to gravitate toward portraits and people (as it still does but not to this extent), and I realized that I should try to do something different for a change.

    watercolours, markers watercolours black marker watercolours, coloured pencils, collage watercolours, markers ink, white pastel markers markers lead pencil, ink black marker lead pencil, PS acrylics, markers watercolours, lead pencil

    2001 was a year of portraits for me. As I drew mainly during high school lessons, basically all of the pictures from 2001 are quite small in size, and often not quite finished. I also held a very small-scale art exhibit in my high school lobby (you've got to start somewhere...).

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