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    The larger part of the year has been very, very quiet in regards to art. In late autumn I perked up (as usual) and tackled art with enthusiasm - this time working mainly with the computer, for example (re-)learning the basics of making vector illustrations. (While vector illustrations tend to be too sterile for my liking, they do have their applications and uses.) Lately I've also been having a terrible itch to start trying my hand at creating large oil paintings...

    During the summer I also fooled around with cyanotype prints. Let's just say that I need to experiment more with the method, as the prints I managed to make were mediocre, at best.

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    acrylics & coloured pencils on plywood water-soluble pencils Markers, PS Ink PS Painter, PS acrylic & ink on plywood PS PS PS pencils, PS PS PS PS Illustrator, PS Illustrator mixed media, cyanotype photograph, cyanotype Painter, cyanotype PS Acrylics Acrylics, PS Illustrator, PS

    In 2010 I wasn't very productive. I was concentrating on painting in a slightly more realistic style using oils and acrylics and to a lesser extent watercolours. I also tried to paint larger pieces as I'm sort of fed up with the tiny works I've been pushing out by the dozen these past few years. In addition I tried to avoid always doing things in shades of green, even though I still feel it's my favourite colour.

    Oils on an acrylic background Watercolours (NB: the pic is very bad) Oils, acrylics Oils on an acrylic background Watercolours (NB: the pic is very bad) Oils on an acrylic background PS Markers, PS Acrylics, charcoal, gouache, watercolours Watercolours markers, pencil, PS markers, PS markers, pencil Illustrator

    In 2009 I was heavily influenced by all types of surreal, fantasy and psychedelic art as well as illustrations from childrens' books. My main focus was in making intricate, highly detailed and colourful pieces with markers, and in the process must have used hundreds of euros on black markers alone. I also continued using the "cloud-watching method" (making a drawing based on random splashes of watercolours or acrylics) I adopted in 2007 to gain more positively surprising results and an element of unpredictability in my work.

    Highlights from 2009

    acrylics markers, acrylics, white pencil acrylics, markers, white pencil acrylics, markers, white pencil markers, Copic ink markers, pencils oil, charcoal, imitation gold leaf gouache, markers markers, watercolours, pencils acrylics acrylics acrylics, markers

    Other work from 2009

    markers, ink markers, ink acrylics, markers markers, pencils markers, ink, white pencil Markers markers, acrylics markers, acrylics, pencils collage, markers markers watercolours, black grease pencil markers markers, pencils markers, pencils markers, pencils, acrylics acrylics, markers ballpoint pens, markers markers markers, PS markers acrylics, markers, PS markers, PS markers, PS markers, pencils Painter markers markers markers, PS markers, acrylics, pencils ink, PS oil paints markers Markers, acrylics, pencils, PS watercolours, markers, pencils ballpoint pen gouache, markers black marker pastels, markers pastels, markers markers acrylics & markers on a paper plate markers acrylics, PS markers, white pencil acquarelles, markers, white pencil acrylics acrylics, markers

    During the summer of 2008 I got a sudden urge to draw. I had been neglecting my art for a few years now due to depression and other issues, but all of a sudden I found myself getting back on track, art-wise. I experimented with collages, mixed-media drawings/paintings and the acrylics. A large portion of the pieces feature people - as usual - and cute animals (platypoda galore!). In 2008 I also tried oil paints for the first time in my life.

    Highlights from 2008

    markers, acrylics PS acrylics acrylics acrylics & collage acrylics & collage on wood

    Other work from 2008

    watercolours, pencils acrylics, markers, mixed media markers markers markers, acrylics markers, acrylics acrylics markers, PS PS collage lead pencil, markers, acrylics PS acrylics, markers markers, PS acrylics watercolours oil paints

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