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    The new stuff goes at the bottom of each category!
    2012 - Oil paintings

    In February 2012 I gained a massive burst of creativity totally out of the blue. I decided it was high time for me to start seriously experimenting with oils, and I'm falling more in love with the medium by the day. Why didn't I start painting with oils 15 years ago? Why?

    oils oils oils oils oils oils oils oils oils oils, acrylics oils oils oils oils oils oils oils oils, 50 x 60 cm oils oils, 40 x 50 cm oils (+ one piece in watercolours) oils oil oil, 50 x 61 cm oil, 50 x 61 cm oils & acrylics oils oils
    2012 - Unclassified works

    Even though my primary interest lies with oils at the moment, I haven't completely forgotten or disowned other mediums, such as my long-beloved markers.

    markers & acrylics on cardboard ink acrylics, markers and graphite pencil on cardboard watercolours and markers on cardboard watercolour acrylics and markers on cardboard mixed media markers markers colour pencils ink, colour pencils markers gouache gouache gouache, PS acrylics (NB: lousy photo!) graphite pencil, coloured pencils, markers and PS on a spoiled cyanotype print graphite pencil, coloured pencils & markers watercolours, markers, coloured pencils black marker graphite pencil graphite pencil + black marker watercolours watercolours charcoal, pastels, acrylics, PS acrylics, 50 x 40 cm charcoal, 70 x 100 cm charcoal, 70 x 100 cm charcoal, 70 x 100 cm charcoal, 70 x 100 cm charcoal, 70 x 100 cm
    2012 - Printmaking

    These are the works I produced during an introductory course in printmaking. (I will update this section with better scans of the works in the near future!)

    etching etching monotype aquatint etching + aquatint monotype
    2012 - The Really Weird Stuff

    Right, men, confuse the... cat!

    markers ink markers markers markers markers markers markers markers markers graphite pencil, coloured pencils, black marker red copic marker on irritating paper :) black marker, PS graphite pencil copic markers ballpoint pen markers black marker black marker markers, PS markers, PS graphite pencil black marker black marker
    2012 - Lahti Institute of Fine Arts (Taideinstituutti) Entrance Exam

    I participated in the Lahti Institute of Fine Arts' entrance exam in June 2012. These are the works I produced. The title of the piece is the topic we were given for each assignment.

    oils,  ~9 hours monotype, ~5 hours oils on A2 paper, 2,5 hours black markers on A2 paper, 3 hours charcoal on 70x100cm paper, 7 hours clay, 3 hours paper, pencils, tape, 3 hours (this entire assignment was complete WTFness for me :D) -

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