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    2013 - Paintings

    This year has been characterised by intermittent periods of hard work intermingled with periods of painting absolutely nothing. My imagery has still been focusing on strange landscapes and medical vistas and Amalgamations of Things I Can Not Name. My colour palette has been getting a lot cooler, too; my new favourite combo is prussian blue (who would have thought?) used in conjunction with warm ochres - together with white they produce such lovely greens and grays.

    oils oils watercolours watercolours watercolours oils oils, ~A4 size oils, 27 x 22 cm goauche gouache + PS gouaches acrylics acrylics oils acrylics, oils acrylics oils acrylics, ~14 x 14 cm oils, ~14 x 14 cm oils, ~14 x 14 cm acrylics gouache oils acrylics acrylics acrylics acrylics, 50 x 100 cm household wall paints, acrylics acrylics on three 22 * 60 cm panels acrylics
    2013 - Drawings

    What a bizarre school this can be. A course in black & white drawing suddenly became a "well, uhm, you can also paint, and also in colour if you like"-course... (PS. I've also doodled during other, more formal classes quite a bit. Sorry about that.)

    green gel pen, black marker & white (paint) marker (doodled in school) acrylics, markers acrylics, markers acrylics, markers graphite pencil + PS graphite pencil, gouache mixed media mixed media mixed media mixed media charcoal, white pastel charcoal, white pastel mixed media mixed media molotow markers (!) graphite pencil black marker, PS mixed media
    2013 - Nudes

    Quite obviously NSFW. Painting/drawing the chubby female form in all sorts of disproportionate and twisted ways is interesting!

    graphite pencil + PS (doodled in school) graphite pencil + markers + PS (doodled in school) acrylics charcoal charcoal dry pastels acrylics acrylics PS graphite pencil + PS graphite pencil, gouache graphite pencil + gouache
    2013 - Printmaking

    I'm thinking of concentrating more on printmaking, but it seems that some of the printmaking equipment at our school has a tendency to disappear mysteriously. It sort of hinders my progression when the damned aquatint airbrush has - apparently - just ceased to exist. I suspect a localized black hole, or some (expletives censored) student who doesn't believe in returning tools to their original place after use.

    serigraph serigraph serigraph on pillowcase etching
    2013 - Pixel Art

    Yeah, I still love pixels. I'm also hoping to find a way to paint really intricately exact pixel art with oils or acrylics. Maybe a sablon of some sort? (Cheap) masking tape is too dodgy for this purpose.

    PS - to be printed on a mug PS PS Some pixel drawing app for the ipad PS Some pixel drawing app for the ipad Some pixel drawing app for the ipad Some pixel drawing app for the ipad PS PS
    2013 - Misc

    A truly miscellaneous bunch. This year I've tried my hand at things like performance art, video art, wood sculpture and sculpture made by welding steel.

    fabric, embroidery thread, Ikea frame steel lindenwood, metal wire, nylon cord Photoshop
    2013 - Paintings - In Progress AND/OR Abandoned for Good

    A random bunch of paintings that will never see the light of day, I guess. One of them got pierced by a thrown cellphone (?!).

    acrylics watercolours oils & acrylics oils & acrylics oils oils oils, 70 x 100 cm oils, 70 x 100 cm acrylics acrylics

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