ATELJEE AIKA-AVARUUS - selling stuff I make
In 2003 I decided to try my hand at private entrepreunership, and founded Morgana Designs - later known as Ateljee Aika-avaruus (or Atelier Spacetime). I ran a tight ship until around 2014, when I decided to concentrate on my actual profession (art) instead of crafts.

Before this change the range of goods I offered included art and various hand-made goods, such as clothes, jewellery, jewellery-making and sewing-supplies, accessories and small home decor items.

Ateljee Aika-Avaruus doesn't have its own home page at the moment, but my art can be viewed and bought at Etsy here:

You can also visit the old Morgana Designs homepage here:
"For a Magpie" necklace, 2009

Minna Louhelainen 2014 / minagi (at)