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    These are small, sucky process shots for an acrylic painting I christened "From Concubine to Empress", having just read a ton of literature on the 1800's China. The painting didn't come out as I had planned but not too bad either. And I know, I was too lazy to paint the hands. It happens!

    This is where we end up at: the finished acrylic painting.

    Preliminary PS sketch -> lead pencil sketch on cardboard

    Cutting stencils for coloring the background / making the patterns on the dress

    Stencilling the black background. I was supposed to use black spray paint but didn't have any left so I opted for acrylics.

    Stencilling the red circle.

    Coloring in the base shades of the garments

    Adding some light shadows

    Adding darker shadows; defining general shape of the 'do

    Developing the face

    Still needs jewelry + dress embroidery

    Close-up of the head w/ the jewelry and flowers

    Added garment patterns

    Finished painting

    Finished painting; close-up

    Minna Louhelainen 2014 / minagi (at)