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      Blueberry gardens SPREAD THE FIRE bringing the light tearing passages deep, sinking in time blinding the first eyes A firestorm ravaging the fabric of time sacrifice your sins, dive in high A SKIN OF CHANGE veiling the past not determined (like his fickle sister, the future) The moss is a velvet pillow with a soul of dust "WITH SWEAT AND BLOOD", the anti-serpent said, taste of the vine of the dead head the cosmic flashfires see the music of burning plains and smell the fear of gods

      clouds move like a snake's bite, frozen was time always dying rippling, buckling over, standing still at great speed? the branded word on my pineal (helps me to find home) is fading, leaving me inorganic Golem's life written on him like a list of deadly sins

      THE PLANT-MINDS are kind, they feel freed drink their souls, claim them, voluntary, Paths of the green are philosophies, they are processes of metaphysical logistics, they create the being from the heartwood of oaks A dead leaf is a dead of our own kind, and a dead god a blade of grass

      Hot and bothered Hot and bothered, seeing an infinity of light, easing into a comfortable pose in the arms of cacti, patches of souls guiding the way to the high castle where resides the Virgin Grandmother beyond the gates of horn and ivory singing, a lie too loud becomes the truth

      VEILS OF SMOKE from the tiger's nest celestial beings sleep in time wrapped in the torrent of knowledge, a true lifestream, with currents that rise in song The trees are flowing like cries of pleasure tie the silver strands of your mind and anchor to a wish Breathe in the space of air and see colours there are not or ones that have been forgotten Bring your mind to a standing still, be her full upper lip, the storm in her voice when she's silent, just - there Returning to the fires of hope you smell burning flesh And the celestials are as stone

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    Minna Louhelainen 2014 / minagi (at)