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    A pastiche of the film From Hell. Dedicated to J.

      Beat the heart the key to your soul a knife "I gave birth to the 20th century" the harsh mistress that is opium future in the nick of a candle sin in skirts - fire lusting after men of money All women of menstrual blood money relations filthy innocence a jar of gin and hair a knife in the hand of a believer a Prince of Pleasures an unborn face with ritual nudity Soft organs of monovoluntary lore, man in a woman's mindset oestrogen slave a cut-off livelihood an intellectual whore with delusional icepicks right lobe left he who suffers not a beast be A strategy for the darker streets exchanges of fluids and coins the man gives both, the woman dead What's right in the world an age-old phallus or symbol with a silhouette a Son of God dying in the womb her thighs spread, a torrent of time set free, small death, a larger and - Some sugar for the Fée Verte an indulgent poison, diluting, seeking for succor, a moment to feed on carry your pride like a veil a carnal lord, mercy for reason, gore and people to call friends Meat-impaling, a moment for medicine a life-giving toxin fearing the cure of death tools of the trade, meat meets steel, falling for a smile, refined needs, take me there, luck being everybody's lady Worship the Holy Whore let her stain you with a pornographic murder a fetal fantasy of Ends she was Dark, lusts in her lips and a virgin wine on her breath Truths of the body aren't truths of the mind the Chapel a wombless mother hideous monotheistic deformations gone mental Grinning beauties a soul-butcher, an oriental plague, about anatomy, not of soul! - Dissection hides thoughts further, a madman to cure the sick An abdominal cavity full of a good vintage a year of brilliant words a uterus with teeth a soul-cleaver extraordinary, death leaving the body The Queen of Sick, almighty-suffering, thoughts as emotional parasites, the health of an empire failing "Unto the breach", the corpse-shepherd said, with great men "A radiant abyss", he smiles, "and we are staring back." Silence with the enemy, men full of grace, a head full of me and you take her take me eyes that fuck make scream made for licking Movements of wanting and destroying the unity is killing a god unlucky saviors at the gates to a heart a pericardial lover just in time Matriarchal Son, a syphilitic secret - Unified by falsehoods, in the shadow of asylum patients, and a letter from a hell Paid women with modesty and love a crime a rare thing a dark soul lures the next innocence is free come don't hide Carnivores ripped in pieces, youth a time for guarding the doors the years setting free a tigress with a burning breath soul like embers disturbed, a flame, surrender and heal, share the love with steel, feign ignorance an eloquent law Private shifts of the tourniquet, papaver somniferum, the tree of life, all knowledge of God and evil field of flowers making you slumber Solomon's key tetragrammaton of terror rising to an unholy glory, religion denying the Body a false one - a political loyalty - veins of London running dry Meaning a man, vein-meaning, blood-meaning, reason a courtesan, a woman of values, a sacrifice on the altar of the labia, the Holiest. Penile prayers on flesh-altars: darkness a light aorta a willing passage, Knight of the East, free me of sin thoughts accumulating, a fleshless life is death, nothing lost, nothing gained, lust wasted for the mortal love spent for the divine a deadly existence.

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    © Minna Louhelainen 2014 / minagi (at)