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      Pain, madness & other small talk A catatonic grip on the hearts and the cores of good men, biting through hip through night through soldier-bone, a vertebraic tryst with the last benevolent intentions lost, somebody grits somebody's teeth, somewhere somebody turns with grit in somebody's joints how about a time of miracles how about right about now

      saturated superior a sugar-coated cortex masses of Roads Inside rising in a song, voices cloud-bound from the mouths of mechanical pets in a fentanylic breeze analgesic greed with a pituitary please seeping home, hushed, well-loved in less than a day half-lived at the speed of sounds a tinge of humming, vocalizations of tissue, auditory recollections of chasing the morning after the morning after the morning of constant green-lighting happily ever after the morning after the morning

      aquamarine oceanographic express, a best expression of the love Bast feels for her followers, the masses of unadulterated noxiousness, weeds from the garden of the ocean floor, gifted to a king not yet well fed, a striking contrast between the birds and the skies and the feelings of loss, trembling on the doorstep of Maureen's place, filtering water to feed many, asymptomatic thrusts to the pleasure box, amended to fit a royal, to fit a bird on the wing on the wind of old spices and perfumes and things of a more secretive nature, without reminding anyone of the reason crosshairs wander around the empty landscape, victimizing a potential sidestreet with an amniotic laughter.

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    Minna Louhelainen 2014 / minagi (at)