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    A pastiche of the film Samurai Fiction by Hiroyuki Nakano

      Blade of pine silkscreened the kata of steel Ronin of clouds, 1696 a gray samurai behaves compose your mind, keep a temper-bird sound of falling pines Feet like swift birds at flight from gray to black steps like proud waves Tradition at stake the naginata falters flicker, drip with red bound by the tatamae, bound by the honne an expired ninja bound by his feet Run the white road as the swallow flies the patterns of a shuriken shadow fighting shadow like contained entropy water, stone, sand, nothing raining, ask about Edo women A lone black-fire / arcs of katanas / sparks flow a bad face existence a comedy lost on the fields of valor You're falling like a petal pacifist: no more blood you've met your match how cedarwood smells age-old advertises Peony sucks in smoke, a consort a cheap geisha, sic transit - (omoshiroi, ne!) "O-samurai", she says! honourary prefix, honorless man Spring chrysanthemums a non-verbal "Stay!" lashes like the call of the wild a new you healing over taste of white rays of lust a sub-vocal mating call~ A classical piece augmented by laughter cloud-watching at the woman's command is the food so good to-be-father-in-law clumsy ninja music as movement chopped-up gamblers turn a new leaf in the tree of life: Sweet sake swirls swords made safe samurai like a child, Yakuza blossom and the red! _____ on a face of words peace complicates things a smile like a brief glimpse of the peak orphan-complex a calligraphic joke (is hard to get) fighting my cough Japanese perversion! cut the battle he's teaching the kids the son of a hereditary expert failed Throw stones and he'll flow with red throw the first stone pulsing, radiating steam, a mochi-pounding rabbit, too much of a good thing, a toxic drinking contest let's try liberty, let's gamble with Man, a traitor deceived feed the fire kill to stop the killing background, a real beat a sky-pledge A giant in many ways pre-Western non-western hero throw rocks throw down a smile like a fox throw down pray now ame to kaze ni mo... accept wisdom and dive

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    Minna Louhelainen 2014 / minagi (at)